Coconut-Palm Oils Unhealthy:
Italian Scholars

Substituting carbohydrates with tropical oils, such as coconut and palm increases total plasma cholesterol levels.

Dairy in Skincare Causes Dietary Dairy Allergies

… now we know: milk in skincare causes milk eating allergy. Soy and wheat products are in most skincare. If you cannot eat soy or gluten or wheat, your skincare may have caused your food allergy. Putting food allergens on compromised skin (red, angry, and generally unhappy) can can create a food allergy.

Do I Look Fat?

Just about every bariatric doctor (Surgeons who cut out fat and put bands on your stomache) stop their patients from using lotions, primarily due to unwanted calories.

CLA Nutritional Supplement Kills MRSA

This was first published as a US patent in January 2017 Method and composition for long acting bacterial suppression on skin (US#9,549,550). This novel finding suggests the long unknown role of Rumenic Acid aka Conjugated Linoleic Acid may be a biomic regulator within the rumens of an animals.

Essential Oils: A Big Risk

Essential oils mean distillation or extraction of the the raw plant. The mystical in us wants to believe these extract contain only pure health. In fact of these contribute to our health problems.