Coconut-Palm Oils Unhealthy:
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Substituting carbohydrates with tropical oils, such as coconut and palm increases total plasma cholesterol levels.

Yes, coconut-palm oil can hurt you. We know this from research nearly half a century ago. In addition phoney advertising convinces many that heath benefits exist for these oils. The fact remains that diets with palm and coconut oils contribute to heart disease. These oil manufacturers have successfully convinced many to eat the oils. One might cynically comment that how the folks who benefit from selling these oils did it was a masterpiece. 

Taken from the consensus article Non-pharmacological control of plasma cholesterol levels in Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases (2008) 182,S1-S16:

The substitution of a percentage of dietary carbohydrates with an isocaloric portion of saturated fatty acids (mostly found in red meat, sausage, dairy products, such as butter and cheese, and some tropical oils, such as coconut and palm increases total plasma cholesterol levels.

Lauric and Palmitic Oils Poison Humans

Above all else, these oils or fats poison humans with heart disease. This remains undisputed in clinical science. Alice H. Lichtenstein wrote in the paper: Dietary fat, carbohydrate, and protein: effects on plasma lipoprotein patterns,  published in the Journal of Lipid Research  47 (2006) 1661-67:

When displacing carbohydrate from the diet, saturated fatty acids increase
total cholesterol…

Virgin Coconut Has the Same Saturated Lauric Acid

Remember Virgin Coconut Oil has the most saturated fats. Coconut oil has the richest source known for Lauric Acid. Even more trouble: companies remove the good components. And they do not tell you. These extracted solids contain only residual amounts Medium Chain Triglycerides. The pure medium chain triglyceride products have only a fraction of lauric and palmitic acid (less than 0.5%). Pure medium chained triglycerides pour like a liquid at room temperature. Concentrated lauric and palmitic fats become solid at room temperature. In conclusion, these should be avoided. In addition, most scientists know even a half a teaspoon a day of coconut and palm oil can cause you harm.

Consider this: human scientists know that palm and coconut oils raise cholesterol. Fish oil with Omega 3 will reduce cholesterol. Furthermore C18 Omega 3 oils like Chia Oil will all also add health to your life. Even 1-2 grams of polyunsaturated oil has people living longer by 10-20 years when taken by mouth.

Also consider what happens when you put these oils on skin. I believe that palm and coconut oils easily penetrate the skin. Therefore they will have the same effects on our health. Putting oils on our skin probably contributes calories to our body.

For the record these comments have not been reviewed by the FDA. The information presented does not diagnose or treat disease.

David Changaris

David Changaris

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