Do I Look Fat?

Just about every bariatric doctor (Surgeons who cut out fat and put bands on your stomache) stop their patients from using lotions, primarily due to unwanted calories.

Do the calories in the lotion oil make you “look” fat?

I was finishing treating a young woman who was quite heavy who had been in a car accident. She had done well. But she confessed that she was having trouble losing weight…

Just for fun I asked her if she used lotions… indeed she did… about 8 ounces of body lotion per day.

Now body lotions are typically 30% oil or fat. Doing the math, that is 2.4 ounces of oil or 612 calories.

Just about every bariatric doctor (Surgeons who cut out fat or put bands on your stomache or treat with HCG) stop their patients from using lotions. They know this helps reduce unwanted calories. Remember every pound of fat has potentially 16 ounces x 255 calories/ounce or 4000 calories. You can gain a pound per week with just skincare oils. These doctors do not want you to ask “Do I look fat?” when they know the answer.

Some of the smarter ones say lotions are ok if they contain long chained oils such as linoleic, linolenic acids. But as you know most lotions are made with lauric, palmitic, and myristic acids… the cheap ones that raise your cholesterol and cause heart disease. Even putting a tablespoon of coconut oil on your skin daily may cause a significant rise in your cholesterol. This adds up to 135 calories per day to your body.

Oils do not just disappear when you apply them. Many do not have a clue that the reason they ask: “do I look fat”  could be in part from the 600-1000 calories of oil on their skin daily.

David Changaris MD

David Changaris MD

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